I have started a podcast. And called it Banal Leakage. How uncreative.

For now, it’s here on this site. Still working out the details of posting it on iTunes and other places. Hoping to get that figured out in the next couple of episodes.

Take a listen and give me feedback. No feedback is off limits, so share away.

I’ve not worked out a schedule yet, but most likely each weekly new episode will be posted on a Friday.

  • Title: Random Bits of Whatever
  • Details on blogging time on the web site
  • Format of the podcast
  • – cover current events, a rant and shameless plug

  • News – Story 1: Utah becomes 18th state to embrace marriage equality
  • – Link to news article: SL Tribune

  • News – Story 2: Colorado legalizes marijuana for recreational use
  • Link to news article: Huffington Post

  • RANT: ice, dirty snow, cold, ugly, not pretty… I hate it
  • Shameless Plug: Top Albums of 2013 – I talk about #10 and #09 on the podcast
  • – Link to post: Top Albums of 2013

  • Ending