Slash Live

If you are a fan of Slash in any of the bands he’s been in, this is an album to check out. It was recorded live in his home town of Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Track Listing

  1. “Been There Lately” (from Ain’t Life Grand)
  2. “Nightrain” (from Appetite for Destruction)
  3. “Ghost” (from Slash)
  4. “Mean Bone” (from Ain’t Life Grand)
  5. “Back from Cali” (from Slash)
  6. “Rocket Queen” (from Appetite for Destruction)
  7. “Civil War” (from Use Your Illusion II)
  8. “Nothing to Say” (from Slash)
  9. “Starlight” (from Slash)
  10. “Promise” (from Slash)
  11. “Doctor Alibi” (from Slash)
  12. “Speed Parade” (from Ain’t Life Grand)
  13. “Watch This” (from Slash)
  14. “Beggars & Hangers-On” (from It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere)
  15. “Patience” (from G N’ R Lies)
  16. “Guitar Solo / Godfather Theme”
  17. “Sweet Child o’ Mine” (from Appetite for Destruction)
  18. “Slither” (from Contraband)
  19. “By the Sword” (from Slash)
  20. “Mr. Brownstone” (from Appetite for Destruction)
  21. “Paradise City” (from Appetite for Destruction)

This album is a great work of production. I first heard a couple of the songs on Eddie Trunk Live on SiriusXM Boneyard 38. All parts of Slash’s bands are represented here, with a heavy emphasis on the first Guns n’ Roses album. Myles Kennedy is no Axl Rose, but he’s quite able to hit some nice high notes and appears to handle the stage like a rock frontman should.

Definitely an album that I highly recommend for any rock and Slash fan.