Taking Them Down :

  • – where has this year gone? It’s November already and even though I’ve seen enough Christmas decorations, I’m not ready for it yet.
  • – and the cold temps… that’s another thing I’m not ready for yet. Nope, this is not my rant. That’s coming up after the news.
  • News – Story 1: Cops Stealing and Sharing Naked Photos of Women in Custody Is a “Game”
  • – this is one of the most disturbing things I’ve read regarding invasion of online privacy; cops stop a female driver, they book her, take her phone or force her to enter a password, then scour the photos for any nude pictures of her and her friends; then they email or text the photos to their colleagues and fellow officers; they call it a game, getting pissed if they don’t find any on the women’s phone; one woman found out after her iCloud-synced iPad showed naked pictures of herself were emailed to an unknown address; the officer admitted to sending them; I call it a sick and twisted game of going too far; what kind of power do these police have in their quest to get naked photos of women and girls; I have negative respect for any officer of the law who plays this game; other officers have come forward about this practice after getting caught; let’s hope this practice goes away soon; while I know it will still happen on the backend, something needs to help eliminate it on the forefront.
    – Link to article: To California Cops, Stealing and Sharing Naked Photos of Women in Custody Is a “Game”

  • News – Story 2: CurrentC reports unauthorized access to email addresses
  • – just a long line of issues this new payment system is having; First, retailers shut down their NFC systems so Apple Pay users can’t use them; CurrentC locks in retailers to 3 year exclusive deals; complicated mess of using a QR code then only debit card support – no credit cards supported; storing SSN and PIN numbers in the cloud; now this breach; just say no to CurrentC; it’s the DiVX of the mobile payment systems; it’s a money grab, all trying to avoid paying the credit card transactions fees; sad to see something like this that someone is spending money developing; too many security holes for users to be worrying over; this email address breach doesn’t help their cause; iTunes and Google Play store reviews are 1 star; most users trash how complicated it is to use; don’t sign up; it’s not worth the risk.
    – Link to article: CurrentC Is The Big Retailers’ Clunky Attempt To Kill Apple Pay And Credit Card Fees

  • News – Story 3: Voter ID laws are disenfranchising those who used to vote
  • – Let’s say you are a 74 year old grandmother who has voted for years, never had an issue; this year, you are turned away because your driver’s license is expired or your name changed due to a divorce or the address doesn’t match exactly; this is related to new voter ID laws that Texas has passed; all in the name of preventing voter fraud; which happens less than .01 %; Texas always required an ID to vote, but they made it more strict this time; this doesn’t stop voter fraud; this stops long time voters from voting; it keeps the poor and the elderly from voting; yes, everyone needs an ID, but there wasn’t an issue before when ID was presented; those who try to get a current ID are having difficulty due to many reasons; this shouldn’t be an issue; you are voting, not trying to board a plane or getting a drink at a bar; these laws are only serving one purpose and that’s preventing long time voters from voting.
    – Link to article: This is what it’s like to try to get a Voter ID when you’re disabled, poor or don’t drive

  • RANT: Dry weather means Carmex is needed for my nose
  • – it’s something I’ve dealt with every fall to winter transition here in Utah; sometime around the official start to Fall, the weather here in Utah gets extra dry; it gets worse as winter and colder temps take up residence for many months; I can’t keep enough lotion on my hands; worse is my nose, where I get nose bleeds often; to combat this, I carry a tube of Carmex with me most places and line in the inside of my nostrils with it several times a day; since I do this, it has reduced how many nose bleeds I get; sleep wise, it helps me get through the night without dry nose; it only take a few minutes to do this, but it’s one thing I can do to get through the dry winter months.
    bill watterson

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Bill Watterson creates new cartoon for French Comics Festival
  • – I loved Calvin and Hobbes; it stands as my favorite comic (outside of superheros) and I was sad when Bill walked away back at the end of 1995; at least we got 10 years od the boy and his tiger; so imagine my elation when I saw a new comic he did for the 2015 Angoulême International Comics Festival; the comic is attached as an image to the show notes for this episode; is this a return for Bill or just a one time entry? I guess we shall see, but don’t expect Calvin and Hobbes to ever make a return; and I’m ok with that.

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