mom tiffany 1996
My mom and my daughter Tiffany – October 1996

Today marks 8 years since my mom passed away from melanoma. She would have been 91 this year.

What can I say other than I miss her. I admit to going days and sometimes weeks without thinking about her. They say that happens over time, and I can attest that is the case for me. But certain times of the year, thoughts and memories get brought right up without even trying.

Like today.

Above Photo Story

The photo was taken 9 and a half years before my mom died. It was at Lampson Elementary School in Orange, CA. My mom was a teacher’s aide at the time and my daughter and her mother [my then wife] took one of our regular visits to Disneyland. My daughter had barely turned five years old and wanted to visit her grandma at school, since she was going to school the next year.