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News – Story 1: The DNC was heads more civil and saner than the RNC was; my thoughts on the Democratic National Convention which was held last week
News – Story 2: VH1 Classic ends, becomes MTV Classic on August 1st
News – Story 3: Production of VHS is coming to an end

  • RANT: Hotel surge pricing model finds its way to Disneyland
  • – Just like hotels raise their prices during conventions or other large events, Disneyland has taken a page out of that mantra and applied it to how busy their parks get and charging more for entrance tickets; I am and have always been against this type of business practice; I know that when hotels have more guests, they need to add additional staff so I get the extra charges per night; but it’s crazy when those charges for a room that normally goes for say $89 a night gets cranked up to $250 a night; same room, same housekeeping needs and other usage of the hotel; I’d be ok if it was $129 a night. That’s a reasonable increase in my opinion; Disneyland thinks their surge pricing will help in the same way; At least they are not charing 4 times the amount on their surge ticket prices, but I’m still no fan of this practice in general; they need to find other ways of managing their day to day entrance policies.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Just got back from California, my first time in almost 3 years
  • – went to Hollywood and Anaheim for a few days at the end of July; my wife’s granddaughter went to a gifting event where there were a lot of B-list celebrities that she got to hang out with; then we stayed next to Disneyland, but didn’t actually go into the park; met up with some friends for dinner and were going to watch the fireworks, but they were cancelled that night; the next day, read about Duran Duran performing at Irvine Meadows, wished I would have known about that before (my fault for not reading the local concert updates before the trip); then spent the day at Newport Beach before taking two days to head back home; a lot to do in a few days, but it was fun.

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