yard on 9/21/14
Where’s the sun?

The above was my view for the last official day of Summer for 2014. Gone was the sun and warmth and heat from the previous day. At least I got to enjoy the day before the last day of summer.

yard on 9/21/14
Rainy yard on the last day of summer

This was an interesting summer. Rain was the main focus, at least here in Salt Lake City it was. We got so much rain in August. I counted 12 straight days of rain. And today’s rain was not the way I wanted to see summer end.

yard on 9/21/14
even the deck is missing the warmth

Not to mention the many things I wanted to do this summer. Oh, there was a lot I did. Even if some of it hasn’t been blogged about yet. But I do wish for some nice fall days so I can close my eyes and think of a kind of extended summer day that we got cheated on during the actual summer months.

See you again in 2015, summer.