DREAMCAR… no, not a Tesla [that would be MY dream car], but a new band. A super group of sorts. A catchy new song called “Kill For Candy”


Take the musical section of No Doubt, add the lead singer of AFI. You have DREAMCAR [yes, it’s stylized in all UPPERCASE]. Tony Kanal on bass, Tom Dumont on guitar, Adrian Young on drums [who is actually wearing clothes in the video above] and Davoy Havok on lead vocals, with a 1940’s mustache.

What’s In A Name

Davey picked the name. And from the above video, it appears these guys have been playing together for many years now. So this is not just some group that met at a bar over drinks and the next week threw down some songs.

The new album comes out May 8th. There are tour dates in the US this month, but nothing near me – unless I can jet off to Los Angeles later this week…. Nope.