mom tiffany
My mom holding my daughter Tiffany – November 1991

Today – April 6th – is 11 years since my mom passed away. I always try to find a different photo of her and I thought this one was pretty awesome. It was taken a little more than a month after my daughter Tiffany was born. My mom was able to travel from California to Utah to visit.

When this photo was taken, my mom would have been 68 years old. She lived to be 83. So she was around for the first 14 years of my daughter’s life. I tried to visit as often as we could during those years so she would have a good amount of memories of time with her granddaughter.

Yes, even as the years go on, I still miss my mom. Lots of things I would have liked to share with her, including seeing her granddaughter at the age of 25 and being on her own.

I imagine 15 years gone will be a hard one for me. Not to think or suggest that any years haven’t been. But I wouldn’t be honest if I tend to not always recall thoughts of my mom. But on the 11th anniversary of her passing, a lot of emotions, thoughts, wishes and memories happen. And for that, I am grateful.