My wife’s former Fitbit One that is now the current one I am using

With these Fitbit devices, I have officially comes full circle. I started out with a Fitbit One and am using a Fitbit One again. Let me detail this journey.

First One

my original Fitbit One

Back in December 2013, I added the MobileTrack to my then iPhone 5S, as I blogged about here.

My original Fitbit One, which I purchased for $50 from Fitbit Support, was lost in July 2014. I then replaced the lost Fitbit One when I purchased a new one, which is also when I got a Fitbit One for my wife, as blogged about here.


my Fitbit Charge that I started using in November 2015

Then during Black Friday, I ended up buying a couple of Fitbit Charges, one for me and one for my wife. These replaced the Fitbit Ones we were using. I ended up selling my last Fitbit One on eBay right after switching to the Charge.

After almost 6 months, I was kind of done with the Fitbit Charge, as there were times when my wrist would sweat a lot – thanks to summer season – but then I noticed that every time I washed my hands, I would get steps, which I found odd. I did use it to track my sleep most nights, which was nice, but in the end, I admit that I never really got used to wearing the Charge for the 23 hours it was on my wrist each day.

I detailed my lack of interest in my Charge to my wife, which prompted a discussion of what we wanted to do with these devices. Her granddaughter was over to the house and overheard our discussion and asked if she could have the Charge. My wife wanted mine, which then lead to the granddaughter taking my wife’s Fitbit Charge.

Mobile Phone

After the Fitbit Charge, I switched to the MobileTrack

After transferring the Charge to my wife, I installed the MobileTrack on my current iPhone 6S Plus as I still had an interest in tracking my steps each day. Minimal tracking means that it only counted steps, miles and calories. I missed counting floors, as I have a lot of stairs I climb each day.

My wife still had her Fitbit One and after a few weeks with the minimal functions of MobileTrack, I added her One to my Fitbit app.

Done Switching For Now

Phew!!! That’s a lot of Fitbit switching. For now, this is where I will be until I decide to switch to another device in my step counting. Which I hope is at least 6 months.