mike's harder cranberry lemonade
Tilt has been tilted. Mike’s moves into position

There’s a new drink in town, well not really since I live in Utah and they don’t carry these cool malt-flavored beverages in the grocery stores anymore. Actually, they never carried the 8% variety that I like.

Do you remember back when I started this blog, how I praised my love of Tilt 8%? [which I always had to purchase outside the Beehive State] Then thanks to the uptight teetotalers outside Utah, they changed the formula for Tilt, which made it less desirable. Well now there is a great-tasting replacement – Mike’s Harder Lemonade.

8% alcohol
8% is what it’s all about

In fact, I’m drinking one right now as I draft up this blog post. I picked some up recently and they are very tasty. It’s not an energy beer, so those worry-worts won’t take issue with them. It’s got a nice, smooth taste. And it’s got the “get the party started” 8% alcohol content that makes one 16 oz. can work wonders. And it comes in regular lemonade flavor, too, for those that want to keep it natural. [without extra flavoring]

If you live in a state that treats adults like adults – or one you can easily travel to – I recommend you try one of these. Not too sweet, but packs a nice buzz-inducing punch… err… burst of lemonade goodness.