Cookies n Cream Oreos

I think it’s time I posted another one of my Limited Edition Oreo reviews. This time, we go back to last September when I tried these Cookies n Cream flavored Oreos.

Same chocolate cookie, different filling

There wasn’t much difference in the flavor of these cookies vs. the original ones, at least to my taste buds. I mean, there was the hint of that cookies and cream taste but it wasn’t as heavy or prominent as I was expecting. I wanted that flavor to grab me and to make me feel I was eating something that was different than a regular Oreo. But even after eating a good 6 or so of these cookies, I just wasn’t tasting it.

The cookies and cream filling.

Ok… so given my lack of tasting anything special, I pulled apart a cookie and ate the filling by itself. There is was… the cookies and cream flavor. It just needed to be eaten without the cookie.

I didn’t hate these by any means. They did taste good. I just wanted a bigger flavor.