i have an idea

A Weekly Comic Strip

This is a new category and feature to my blog here. I get ideas all the time and I write down a good 90% of them so I don’t forget them.

The idea behind this series of blog posts is to share with my readers the ideas I get.

The one idea that I’ve had kicking around my head for months now is a comic strip called Banal Leakage. Yeah, I know, not all that original, but it’s trying to channel my ambition to draw something.

Both my wife and my daughter can attest to my love of buying colored pencils. I used to buy the Crayola brand, but lately, I’ve gone more upscale with the Prismacolor brand.

While most of my drawings I’ve kept private, I have had a set of characters – a boy and his pet penguin – gaining a permanent foothold in my head for some time now.

I’m not ready to share my sketches and drawings just yet, but I will here soon.