Beck Colors
Beck’s 13th album “Colors”

I’ve been a Beck fan for many years now. And I loved his last album “Morning Phase” In fact, it’s an album that I play quite often. It’s mellow, very much like “Sea Change” and it won Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards in 2015.

But three years have gone by since the last album was released. Beck has teased us with songs like “Dreams” and “Wow” and it was highly anticipated for a complete album with those songs on it. And “Colors” is that album.

Track List

  1. “Colors”
  2. “Seventh Heaven”
  3. “I’m So Free”
  4. “Dear Life”
  5. “No Distraction”
  6. “Dreams” (Colors mix)
  7. “Wow”
  8. “Up All Night”
  9. “Square One”
  10. “Fix Me”
  11. “Dreams” (Single Version)

Powerful and Poppy

So year, “Dreams” was released back in June 2015, more than two years before the album even got a title. It got played a lot, but I never tired of it. “Wow” came a year later in June 2016 and it was not quite as poppy, but it was a nice song… different enough to keep people waiting.

As for the songs I like since the album has been out, I’m really fond of “Up All Night” and the title track “Colors” Both are strong and really have a lot going on in them, musically. “Colors” has that Beck hook sound to it, which has all sorts of different repeated rhythms and sampled-like sounds he injects into the song. “Dear Life” is another song I find myself playing often. It’s got a mellow catchy chorus, almost Beatles-esque.

This album will most certainly make my best of end of the year list. It’s another great album by Mr. Hansen.

Tell me what you think if you’ve heard Beck’s new album… right below, in the comments.