scott weiland
On stage May 15, 2009

This last Saturday was one year since the death of Scott Weiland, best known as the lead singer for Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver. Scott died of an accidental drug overdose – a mixture of alcohol, cocaine and MDA, which is a form of ecstasy.

I never blogged about his death last year, perhaps due to one of my distraction issues that lead to various blogging lapses. But it certainly was prominent news to this fan of Scott’s work, music and vocal talent. Which is why I am blogging about it one year later.


I had the fortune of seeing Scott in all three of his musical live pursuits: Stone Temple Pilots [many times over the years, Velvet Revolver and his solo career. I embraced Stone Temple Pilots music pretty much from the start with their first album “Core” And while their last album from 2010 wasn’t all that, I still bought it and played it many times over the years, often in regular rotation on CD and in digital form.

I waited in line in 2004 when Velvet Revolver released their debut album “Contraband” on CD, which I played over and over and over for the first few weeks of its release. I was equally excited to see them live when they made a stop here in Salt Lake City in 2005.

Meeting Scott

scott weiland
Met Scott after the show – May 15, 2009

It’s not often that I get to meet musicians, especially ones that I’ve followed their careers so closely over the years. This was on May 15, 2009 at Murray Theater here in Utah. Scott was doing a solo tour and I happened to be available to attend the show with my daughter. The set of songs with a mix of solo works and STP hits and deep tracks, including a very moving version of “Atlanta” – one of my all time favorite songs.

After the show, my daughter and I waited outside for a good 45 minutes before Scott came out. With digital point and shoot cameras ready, my daughter and I each got pics taken with Scott. Mine is above.

Only 48

Gone way too soon, I consider Scott’s death one that stands as a great loss of talent to the music world. 2016 would take many more away from us, but when the news broke that Thursday night last year, it was hard to believe – even with Scott’s ongoing struggles with drug addiction. In the end, it was that life of fighting and living with addiction that took him out.

Thanks for the many musical notes and vocal highs you gave us over the years, Scott.

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