Episode 028

– Stick Around, Fade Away :

  • – Another fine summer weekend; I didn’t travel this weekend; I’m home next weekend as well before traveling again. Might be a few weeks before I’m back on my regular posting schedule.
  • – and fresh fruits are in season; love farmer’s markets and the grocery stores for providing all sorts of great summer treats.
  • ramones

  • News – Story 1: Tommy Ramone, last of the original band The Ramones, dead at 65
  • – Previous members Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee all died some years ago; the Ramones were the original punk band to come on the scene; they took their name from the false last name Paul McCartney used when he checked into hotels; not popular as in record sales, but many bands like The Clash Sex Pistols, Green Day and Nirvana all give credit to The Ramones for influencing their music; Tommy had diagnosed with bile duct cancer in recent years; Tommy’s place on the first 3 albums cemented their punk roots in the NYC area and grew worldwide to many fans; I’ve played many a Ramones song over the years and love their simple and raw sound.
    – Link to article: Tommy Ramone, Last Original Member Of The Ramones, Dies At 65

  • News – Story 2: Facebook Users Denounce Steven Spielberg’s senseless killing of dinosaurs
  • – it appears that some Facebook users are not keen on satire; nor are some able to see a photo of a dinosaur and not make the connection; nor are they able to recognize an Oscar winning director that has made many films, including one about dinosaurs; The outrage over this guy sitting in front of his kill went viral; this was a play based on the game-hunter cheerleader Kendall Jones; most users caught on quickly, though, albeit posting many times over where this photo was taken; some posted other photos of Spielberg on top of the Jaws shark and standing next to Liam Neeson while filming “Schindler’s List”; irony is lost of some.
    – Link to article: Facebook users denounce Steven Spielberg’s senseless killing of dinosaurs

  • News – Story 3: Utah to Appeal directly to US Supreme Court to keep ban on same-sex marriage
  • – last Friday, a federal appeals court denied Utah’s request for a stay that would have indefinitely halted all forward movement toward providing gay and lesbian spousal benefits; there is a temporary stay in effect until July 21st; after this day, if the US Supreme Court doesn’t take up the case for an appeal, all legally married same-sex couples that were married during the 17 days marriage equality was legal, will be eligible for a long list of benefits; this is something that should have already been in place; meanwhile, the state is still pushing forward with it’s “must support the ban” at all costs, and with no regard for time or human treatment; I am very disgusted with my state’s leaders; good thing that history is on the side of equality.
    – Link to article: Same-sex couples married in Utah may have rights in 10 days

  • RANT: Coal Rollers spew excess diesel smoke to protest Obama and environmentalists
  • – this modification to diesel trucks are in the form of large smoke stacks like those found on tractor trailer rigs and engines that allow more gas to burn; their targets are “nature nuffies” which is slang for those who drive hybrids; and “rice-burners” for those who drive Japanese-made cars; This is just fucking stupid; a form or protest by modifying your truck to emit ugly back smoke because you don’t like our President; immature and mindless tools who refuse to notice that they are being inconsiderate of others that their black smoke affects; I’ve seen an influx of these trucks here in Utah and it just seems stupid; and I don’t drive a Prius.
    Link to article: Conservatives Are Purposely Making Their Cars Spew Black Smoke To Protest Obama And Environmentalists

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: How Tattoos Stay Permanent
  • – this TED-based video shows how the layers of skin where the tattoo ink goes actually sticks around even after your skin sheds a million cells a day; I knew about the pigment part, but didn’t know how the ink cells stayed in place; very fascinating especially for those of us that are inked; I only have one tattoo, which is of Chilly Willy the penguin on my right bicep; I’d like to get more ink someday, but I’ve had this tattoo for over 14 years now and haven’t yet, so I just might be my only one.

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