ipod nano
Nano Nano

This last week, I was mostly offline, thanks to 75 cents/min for 56k baud modem speed internet on a cruise ship. When I got to port in Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway, I used the 3G on my phone to tweet and checkin via Foursquare.

But when it came to music, it was all local on my iPod nano (both my 5th gen pictured above and my smaller 6th gen model – both 16gb in size).

When it comes to music in the cloud, I do like Spotify, Amazon Cloud Player and Google Play, but when you don’t have a decent connection to the internet, they are useless [with the exception of Spotify if you subscribe to the $10/mo plan, which syncs the music locally to your device]. Which is why I will probably always have music local to my digital media players. In fact, I don’t foresee a day anytime soon where I will not want my music locally stored.

Even if it will be a few years before I take another cruise, I find myself in the outdoors and away from a web connection enough times where my local music keeps on playing.