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Episode 009

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  • Title: Gay and Frozen
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  • News – Story 1: Arizona SB 1062 has been vetoed
  • – Gov Jan Brewer signed the veto this last Wednesday; businesses left and right (literarily and politically) urged her to veto; NFL, MLB, NBA all came out to voice their displeasure in this bill and the harm it could do to the economy; NFL dropped the “we might move the Feb 2015 SuperBowl” statement; wish she would have vetoed it for humanity reasons; regardless, dead for now until the same politicians draft another bill that divides and discriminates; the actual text of the bill didn’t contain the words “homosexuality” or “same-sex marriage” but it was based on lawsuits from gays in other states, which is how it got it’s “anti-gay” slant; was sold to protect businesses from lawsuits; the whole “goes against my sincere held beliefs” phrase – which is is part of the bill’s language – pretty much proclaimed this to be discriminatory in both law and action; history is on the side of equality; legislators might want to consider that before they draft up any similar bills in the future.
    – Link to article: What Jan Brewer’s veto of SB 1062 tells us

  • News – Story 2: Blogger says “Frozen” has a gay agenda
  • – a blogger who goes by the moniker of “Well Behaved Mormon Woman” posted a long diatribe on how she feels the Disney movie “Frozen” is all about a gay agenda, and spins the Hans Christian Anderson-based story into how the real message of the movie is to legitimize homosexual behavior and same-sex marriage; the lunacy in all of this begs the question: is the blogger, Mrs. Skaggs, a closet lesbian or simply always looking for bad in everything she sees, watches and reads? If you dare, go read her post. The over 1700 comments are entertainment alone, not to mention the made up wacky theory.
    – Link to article: Frozen: Not Gonna “Let It Go” When Movie Advocates Gay Agenda

  • News – Story 3: Apple CEO Tim Cook, tells climate change deniers shareholders to “get out of this stock
  • – Apple held their annual shareholder meeting on Friday; a representative from the National Center for Public Policy Research, which is a conservative think tank, asked Apple to spend less resources on environmental concerns and more on return on investments; Tim Cook angrily charged back and told this representative that Apple does all sorts of things that are right, not always focused on the profitability; worker issues, products for the blind and many environmental concerns; finally, Tim Cook made the statement directly to the representative, “if you want me to do things only for ROI reasons, you should get out of this stock.” I applaud Tim Cook for his support of environmental issues; The sheer amount of profit that Apple brings to investors is mind-blowing; why an investor that is obviously a climate denier wants Apple to forgo years of making their products safer, more accessible and better, will bring in more profit is lost on this Apple fan (and climate change believer).
    – Link to article: Tim Cook Angrily Rejects Political Proposal Asking for Profits-First Policies

  • RANT: Cat House of Hair
  • triscuit computer desk
    – Triscuit, our 3.5 yr old cat, loves to get on my computer desk and look out the window; we have a neighbor cat that is her nemesis; she watches for her out multiple windows; gets hair all in my equipment; tried to place large items on the desk when I’m not there to keep her off; she just pushes them to the side; we love the cat, but the sheer amount of hair everywhere is a pain to keep off my stuff.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Del Taco for cheap, tasty tacos
  • – not a sponsor of this podcast (but I wouldn’t mind if they were); I’ve been going to Del Taco since I was a kid; they started in 1964 in California; mostly out west; hard shell tacos, burritos, quesadillas; most of the time I get 4 items under $5; much better than Taco Bell; I often go there 3-4 times a month; food is good, doesn’t give me intestinal pains like the other taco place I just mentioned; if you can’t find a good local taco place and don’t want to spend a lot, I say Del Taco is a good choice.

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