i have an idea

Making A Movie

While I have done my share of short videos, my big aspiration is to make a short film and submit it to Sundance or any of the film festivals that happen around the country and world each year.

It’s very daunting idea/task, but one that I feel strongly about doing… sooner than later, even though later is how it’s been for some years now.

I have many ideas for a short film and just about every single one of them I have written down and make regular updates to as I start thinking about them.

Directed Inspiration

I found this is my bookmarks and watched it again and remember it being a great interview with Dave Grohl and David Gordon Green, both directors of movies that premiered at Sundance 2013.

And that’s when I got inspired once again to get back to being creative and get my movie made. I hear others like these guys and seeing what they have done and want to be in their shoes [of course, who wouldn’t want to be in Dave Grohl’s shoes… even standing next to him]. But I want to be in my shoes doing what they do.

And that’s how the creative process gets another nudge or kick. Let’s see where I can go with this.

Stay tuned.