hostess snoballs
Another return to greatness – Sno-Balls

It’s been almost 3 years since the last time I reviewed a Hostess snack cake product, and I was impressed. So it’s about time I reviewed another one, this time from last December – the return of Sno-Balls.


hostess snoballs
Cheap plastic wrap showing off the coconut

This is a marshmallow-sponge covering a chocolate cake, with a cream-filled center all in a dome-shaped snack that I used to eat as a kid. It requires you like coconut, chocolate and cream filling. As a kid, these were pink in color, which stood out at the grocery store. I really did like them a lot, but rarely did get them due to my mom’s hatred for anything sugar. So it required that I had to sneak around to go get them at the store and eat them before I went home. Pretty sad, huh?


hostess snoballs
Coconut dome

The return of Hostess has been a mixed bag. Only the Ding Dong has been a hit, in my opinion. So I was a bit on the neutral side when I decided to buy a 6-pack of these Sno-Balls. If I didn’t like them, I’d have to pawn off the other 5 to willing individuals. As it turns out, I did like them. They were smaller than I remember, but that’s the case with so many products today skimping on us consumers.

Chocolate and Cream Filling

hostess snoballs
Chocolate and creamy filled goodness

The cream filling was even good, mixed with the spongey-texture and the chocolate cake half-sphere. I ended up eating all 6 of these during the holidays last year. I don’t anticipate that I will make these a regular purchase, but if I get an urge, I will certainly pick up the 2 pack for $1.00. And these days, I can eat them without sneaking around.