It’s the post-vacation edition of Scooter Sunday.

Scooter at the Park
Vacation Time Over

So on Saturday, our week-long rest/vacation (local, as it was) ended. I had two solid days of doing pretty much whatever I wanted [the first part of the week was working and doing what I could to make our visitors happy].

But if you remember from last Scooter Sunday, I had so many plans to write, read books, read articles in magazines and lots more. So let’s play catch up here and see what I DID and what I DIDN’T do:


  • Drink – And that I did… and I was very successful, thank you very much. I only made four kinds of drinks: gin and tonic, red bull vodka, Gumby [vodka, Midori, sweet and sour, Sprite] and dirty martini [drank from a wine glass]. But I had multiples of each one. I also had a couple of margaritas with dinner on Sunday night. I didn’t get trashed, but had a continuous buzz most of the time.
  • Read Books – I took my copy of “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins with me. I read some of it, but didn’t get as far as I wanted to. The fact that I committed any amount of time to reading was a plus. I love reading, but I get distracted/interrupted, which breaks up my reading into wider-paced gaps of time.
  • Read Articles – I took a couple issues of Vanity Fair and Playboy [yes, I actually do read it for the articles, too 😉 ] with me and actually got through several articles. I’m about half way through the last one I started, but will finish that this week.
  • Tan – With the pool being major packed with kids most of the time, I got lots of sun time in. I used sunscreen on all but the last two days, where I limited my time in the sun to maximize my tan.
  • Listen to Podcasts – Before the week started, I had hours and hours of some of my regular podcasts that I let build up. I am happy to say I got through at least half of them, which helped reduce the storage on my iPod nano 4gb. I am sure this will fill up pretty damn quick in the next two weeks.


  • Work out – I took my gym clothes with me and planned to use the very nice [and free] exercise facility they had at the Westgate. With the exception of getting my shoes out of the bag and putting them on [once], the workout facilities didn’t get a visit from me.
  • Write – Blog posts didn’t count on this one. I am currently [and actively] working on two screenplays, a short film and two novels. None of them got worked on this last week. No worries on this one, but I did plan to sit down and plink out at least a chapter, a scene and finish the script to my short film.
  • Movies – To my credit, I watched one: V For Vendetta. We took twelve. My wife watched two: V For Vendetta and Ladies In Lavender [Do you see why I only watched the one?] My Netflix movie I took up with me sat untouched in its envelope. Big surprise.
  • Upgrade to Leopard – I took all of the neccsary items I needed with me to upgrade my MacBook Pro to Leopard [I’m still running Tiger for various reasons]. Because the PAY WiFi option was extra shitty [and a major pain in the ass to get the owner discount], I used my Treo 755p as a modem, tethered to my laptop the whole time. Judging from the fact that I would need to download a BIG list of applications, updates and what have you, I postponed the upgrade to this coming weekend, where I would have both work and home broadband connections at my disposal.

As an added bonus, there were also a few things I did that I wasn’t planning on that I was pretty happy about:

  • Steam Shower – So the shower in our room had a steam option. You start it 5 minutes before turning on the water and getting in. You now have this walk-in steam room that did wonders for my nose [dry weather is never kind to the inside of your nostrils] and my skin. Only one day back and I miss that a lot. My wife informs me that the gym we belong to has a steam room. [hint hint, nudge nudge].
  • Pumice my feet – I do this regularly at home, but the cement and pool bottom did more damage than I thought. Plus add the steam and a seat inside the shower, and scrubbing my feet was a lot easier. Ok enough on that before people think I’ve gone metrosexual.

Not too bad, considering I had a good time and spent some time relaxing. Maybe one of these years, I can accomplish each item on my list and not have to go into work any of the days I have off. We’ll see what happens next time.

More Lego Indy
Indy Lego display

My daughter saw this at the local Wal-Mart a couple weeks ago. Pretty cool. Lego is cool, regardless of what it is, but who can resist a Lego Indiana Jones? Hopefully all little kids will and obey the DO NOT TOUCH! sign so everyone can enjoy it’s awesomeness.

Beijing 2008

As I mentioned in a Twitter message this last week, I’m really not all that hot on the Olympics this year. There’s a few bits of coverage that I like [all of the swimming and diving events are cool], but for some reason, I’m just not into it like I normally am. Whatever it is, it’s more time for me to accomplish the things I need to instead of being glued to the TV. We’ll see if this lasts throughout the 17 days of the games.

That’s All

And with that, ends another Scooter Sunday.