It’s Scooter Sunday Monday and I just got back from out of town, so this is getting posted a day late. I know… the emptiness of not seeing that Twitter reminder for Scooter Sunday. We’ll be back to Sundays next week.

My original plan was to take some pictures of scooters in San Francisco while there this weekend, but that didn’t happen. There were so many of them and so little time, I didn’t feel like whipping out the camera to take pictures of each one we saw.

San Francisco Trip
San Francisco

On Friday, my daughter and I flew out to San Francisco for the Outside Lands music festival at Golden Gate Park. Friday’s nights headlining band was Radiohead. [click here for a gallery of photos]

The Video Screen Montage of Radiohead

Radiohead put on an excellent two hour show. The band was flawless. However, the sound engineers running the festival were flawed. Seriously flawed. The sound went out twice during their set. For at least 30 seconds each time. Not only that, but whoever planned the schedule was flawed. Multiple bands on multiple stages with 60,000 people packed into an area that was made for maybe 20,000 was extremely poor planning. Regardless, we enjoyed our first time seeing Radiohead live.

The show finished at 10pm. All attendees were encouraged to take public transportation. We took BART and MUNI to get there without any trouble. Getting back to the hotel was another story. It took us over four hours to go from Golden Gate Park back to our hotel near the airport. All of the buses were packed. No extra busses. Taxis were at least 4 hours out when we called for pickup. And there were still two more days to this. EPIC FAIL.

At least it wasn’t a VW bug they were trying to fit into

The next night was no where near the public transportation fiasco. We went to a pre-season Oakland Raiders game. I had been to NFL games before, but this was my daughter’s first. And BART took us right to the McAfee Coliseum, with a walkway leading right to the stadium.

Radiers game
Black & Silver on the field

They didn’t win [they lost to the Arizona Cardinals 24-0], but it was still fun to mingle with the serious fans. [of which there were a LOT]


Our last day, we headed downtown to ride the cable car…

Cable car

… and see Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf

Then back on the plane to head back to Utah.

a view of San Fran from the plane
“Goodbye San Francisco…” *sniff*

But wait… what about scooter coverage?… keep reading…

Scooter Dead?
Scooter at the Park

After taking my daughter for her first day back to school this morning, I came home and got my scooter. I went to start it and nothing… tried it again… nothing. I had to manually kickstart it. It had only been three days since I last rode it, I didn’t think there would be any issues. But obviously, there was. The battery was pretty much dead. I didn’t have time to charge it [trickle charge takes 12 hours], so after kickstarting it, I hopped on and went to work. Going to lunch, I had to kickstart it again. Same with going home at night. GRRRR!!! Frustrating.

According to the manual, it says it needs at least an hour of continuous riding time to fully charge the battery. I’m lucky to be on it 10 minutes going to work and 15 minutes coming home. Do that five days a week and it adds up to well over an hour, just not continuous. Once home from work, I got out the charger tonight and put it on the battery [it only take about five minutes and an extension cord]. So when I get up in the morning, I will take it off the charger and it’s ready to go for another few weeks.

That’s All Folks

Speaking of ready to go, that’s it for this week. I am working on getting more posting and more often. I lead a busy life, as you have read, but never too busy to post some scooter goodness for my readers. Until next time….