Defying The Odds :

  • – Getting closer, one podcast episode at a time. Patience, my listeners.
  • – February went quicker than I expected, even for the shortest month of the year.
  • News – Story 1: Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore issues last minute order to keep ban on same-sex marriage
  • – from the Chief Justice who brought you the Ten Commandments display that brought him down and out; he’s now back pushing against a federal judge ruling, turning over the Alabama state ban on same-sex marriage; telling state probate judges not to marry any same sex couples; eventually, some decided it was best to obey the federal order; then a couple of weeks later, a motion was filed in Alabama Federal Court and now same-sex marriages are on hold again; this is a back and forth of state law and federal rulings; this is why marriage needs to be federal; soon the USSCOTUS will rule on this case and hopefully, we’ll have marriage defined on a national, not state, level; these judges using their wacky religious beliefs need to be put in their place; we dealt with this discrimination with blacks; now let’s put marriage on common federal grounds.
    – Link to article: Roy Moore, Alabama Chief Justice, Makes 11th Hour Attempt To Halt Gay Marriage

  • News – Story 2: Jeb Bush, in an effort to be transparent, releases emails with sensitive information
  • – in an effort to be transparent, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, released over 332,000 emails from his time as governor – 1999 thru 2007; it turned out that a good 12,000 of these emails had names, birth dates and social security numbers of those who had previously contacted the governor; the state scrambled to redact those emails before they made it out in the public; those key details are a dream to identity thieves; all but a few had the details removed from the public website; so sad that no one was concerned with details, but were trying to focus solely on releasing this information to look the part; due diligence was an afterthought.
    – Link to article: Jeb Bush emails: rush to redact 12,000 people’s social security details

  • News – Story 3: Utah legislature proposes to carry concealed gun without a permit
  • – with the king of gun ownership not wanting it’s crown removed, Rep Curt Oda wants to make sure anyone can have a gun without a permit; that means even less approval that’s needed to carry a gun; their defense is that it’s concealed; really? who the hell cares?; if this bill gets passed, there will be people out there carrying guns that have no permit to carry them; as of Feb 10th, there hasn’t been any action on this bill; as of this writing, the bill did pass; waiting for Gov Herbert signature or veto on this; knowing the gun nuts here in this state, I can’t imagine it will fail; can’t imagine how much more guns will be out there.
    – Link to article: Bill to allow concealed guns without permit back in Utah Legislature

  • RANT: Unlimited data is not really unlimited
  • – it’s a dying trend that is re-trending in a mixed sort of way; what used to be back before 2010 was all 4 major carriers had some sort of unlimited data offering; then after 2010, AT&T and Verizon took their unlimited data plan away from new users, grandfathering older users, eventually taking measures to entice those existing users to newer limited data plans; for AT&T, it was a mix of throttling to those remaining unlimited users, giving them full bandwidth up to 3gb then dropping down to somewhere around 500k; like using dial up; now AT&T doesn’t throttle until users reach 5gb; their definition of unlimited is different than what users are expecting or what they experienced many years ago; Sprint has always had unlimited data, but even they are scaling back; their 3G network sucks on most levels of access; hard to get unlimited data when you can barely connect; T-Mobile does their throttling around 2gb for unlimited users; wish they would bring it back and deal with those who abuse the unlimited data; they would all like to charge for each kb or mb; as data needs go up, we have to pay for more data; doesn’t need to be like this.
    dancing sharks

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Loved the dancing sharks during the Katy Perry SuperBowl halftime show
  • – besides the ads, the most anticipated entertainment from the Superbowl is the half time show; this year, Katy Perry performed, along side Missy Elliot and a very brief showing by Lenny Kravitz; there was a lot of choreography as Katy sang through her hits; the best part was the dancing sharks; loved them; so cool to see them along side Katy, dancing and moving about; was it cheesy? some say it was, but not me; nope. Loved every part of it; Katy went on to fly in the sky with a replica of the NBC “The More You Know” prop, but I wanted the sharks to come back; bring back the sharks!

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