ozzy tape
my Ozzy “Speak of the Devil” cassette destroyed

About a month ago, I posted my thoughts on two live albums that I played a lot back in the day and still to this day.

In that post, I mentioned my mom’s hatred for my choice in music. She regularly went though my music and tossed out or destroyed ones she felt were “from the devil” Well, when you have an album called “Speak Of The Devil” and pair that with a mother who hates rock music, you pretty much can guarantee what will eventually happen to the album. I did a pretty decent job of hiding this from my mom for a good year before she found it. If my memory serves me well on this incident, I found the tape before she tossed it and took a photo of it. I’m surprised that she let me keep this photo after the roll was developed. In fact, I might have actually taken the 35mm roll myself to have it developed [I worked at Target at the time] just so I could keep this photo. She was quite violent with the tape, wasn’t she?

I found this and many other photos last weekend and the timing of it for Throwback Thursday this week, tied to last month’s blog post about this same Ozzy live album were all too perfect to not share it here.