9 months later and I’m giving birth to another TINTFA update. Although some births are much more important. Let’s see what progress I’ve made in the last 30 days.

  • Reading Books
  • – 75% done with Adam Carolla’s “In 50 Years We Will All Be Chicks” – Waiting to start his newest book “Not Taco Bell Material” in iBook format, which I’m hoping will be my push to start reading eBooks more often, since I always have my iPad with me. The pile of 10 or so other books remains, along with 3 new books that I bought last month at Powell’s

  • Exercise
  • – I am now at a total of 44 weeks that I’ve been going to the gym with at least two visits a week. I’m holding at 13 lbs lost from when I started at the beginning of December 2011. Chin and belly [which are still a main focus] still here, staring me down every time I see myself in the mirror. I am amazed at how I can keep the same weight, which is good, yet still not changing enough to remove the layers that cover my chin and belly. I need to look at a workout that will help the reduction along at a faster rate.

  • Blogging
  • – The launch date for Adult Beverages did happen on September 15th. I’ve posted 8 times so far in the almost 3 weeks it’s gone live. I am working on pushing out more updates to the blog in the next couple of months that will bring ads (no pop-up ads!) and the video podcast. Sometime before April 2013, I will have the drinks page up, which will feature a photo of the drink and it’s recipe. Still actively tweeting from the @adultbeverages account and enjoying posting pictures of the drinks I have at home, at friend’s house, at bars and at social functions. Go check out this site and let me know what you think. It’s a start and there will be more added to this site in the coming months. I am working hard to stay focused on this one as it has some future viability in what I do for a living.
    – Scooter Sunday has been very baren of activity.. I admit it, as hard as that may be. I am working on an update/status for Scooter Sunday and what’s going on with that project/site. It’s not going away… I love that project/site. But some self evaluation is taking place at this time that needs a detailed explanation (more effecting than just making scooter videos). This will require multiple posts to explain.

Non-TINTFA Updates

I had my first job interview in over 5 years last month. As I’ve blogged about before, my job isn’t what I want it to be and after 27 years of being in IT [mostly as a Network Admin], I’m ready to start my last job/stint in this industry. I’m burnt out, I don’t have any challenges anymore and I’d like to have one more chance to end my career on the high note, not doing what most of my responsibilities are today at my current job. The interview went ok, but they decided to choose another candidate, which I am ok with [I chalk it up to getting interview experience]. If I’m going to move on one last time, it’s going to take some effort on my part to find the right position for me.

Next month will be 10 months of updates. I like that I’m keeping this TINTFA alive.

As always I really do appreciate the support and comments from my readers.