star wars card trader
A BB-8 card from the Star Wars Card Trader app

Back in late April, early May, my friend and fellow blogger Kapgar shared a link to a new app with me. Being the Star Wars fan I am, I happily accepted to join this cool new card trading app.

Collecting Cards

I’ve collected Topps physical cards for years: baseball, football and Wacky Packages. Entering into the digital age, it was inevitable for trading cards to get their own app. And this app is pretty cool.

The basics of the app is that you can get a pack of cards. Cards are anywhere from 1,000 credits all the way up to 900,000 credits. How do you get credits, you ask? Log into the app once a day and you get 25,000 credits. Each day you get another 25,000 credits. You have to open the app to get them. Each day you don’t open the app, you don’t get credits. If you open the app at least once per day for 7 days, you get 50,000 credits on that 7th day. Pretty cool. I try to save up my credits for a few days so I have enough for those special cards that show up, like The Force Awakens cards, which do sell out. If you don’t get one of those cards before they sell out, no worries. You can trade with fellow members, even if you are not friends with them.


Since I started collecting Star Wars cards on this app, I’ve amassed a good 4500 cards. That’s a lot of duplicates, which thanks to Kapgar, I’ve been able to make some trades that got me some cool cards, like the BB-8 card above. I’ve done a few trades myself, but still need to get better at it. There’s a few cards I want to get and I’m sure the longer I take to make a trade, the chances of getting those cards are narrowing down. I’ve made quite a few trade offers, but almost all of them have been declined. Guess offering my Insert cards isn’t enough.

Trading is free and there is no dinging of your account if you have a declined trade. This is pretty cool, which means you can keep trying until you find someone with the cards you want. Hoping they want some of your cards helps, too.

If you are using this app and want to add me, feel free: martymankins

If you are not using this app yet, install it. It’s free, aside from the many in-app purchase options you are constantly presented with. If you are happy with the 25,000 free credits per day, that’s cool. If you want to be a serious trader, it will cost you. Sometimes up to $100 in real money (iTunes or Google Play credits) to get more credits to purchase more cards.

Other Apps

Topps has other trading card apps for MLB and NFL. What I wouldn’t give to see a Wacky Packages app. C’mon, Topps. Make it happen for this fan.

App Store Links

Grab the app at the following links:

  • Star Wars Card Trader – Google Play
  • Star Wars Card Trader – iOS App Store