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  • – January is over and I’ve still got lots to catch up on.
  • – at least I can’t blame it on too much snow; here out in the Mountain States area, we should be loaded with snow; hang in there New Englanders.
  • News – Story 1: US Supreme Court agrees to hear marriage equality issue
  • – the high court will take cases from Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee where the legal status allowing same-sex couples to wed is being held up in appeals; the arguments will be heard in April and decided by the end of the court term which ends in June; there are currently 36 states that now have Marriage Equality; for the 14 states that still ban same-sex marriage, this is the case to watch; it means, that if the SCOTUS votes to completely ignore state bans on gay marriage, that marriage will be a national and federal institution without the inconsistent marriage laws that change from state to state; even for heterosexual married couples, they face changing marriage laws when relocating from state to state; given how back in the 60’s the Supreme Court tore down interracial marriage laws in various states and making it federal, I have a feeling how I think this rule will follow; one can hope for the future of equality.
    – Link to article: Supreme Court agrees to hear gay marriage issue

  • News – Story 2: Colorado Baker faces complaint for refusing to put an anti-gay message on a Bible- shaped cake
  • – Majorie Silva owns Azucar Bakery; a customers ordered a cake shaped like a bible and wanted an anti-gay message “God Hates Gays” on the cake; she agreed to make the cake, but refused to put the hateful message on the cake; she even provided icing for the customer to add his own message; he refused and is now claiming discrimination against his religious beliefs; what religious beliefs embrace hate? Oh wait, never mind; how is this an issue?; another case is where a baker refused to make a cake for a same-sex couple and now is facing a lawsuit; why the divisive over same-sex marriage?; businesses should have the right to refuse service without fear; if a baker refuses to make your cake, go to another bakery; if a customer wants you to put a hateful message on a cake, you should be able to refuse; gives new meaning to sharing cookies and baked goods to make peace.
    – Link to article: Colorado baker refused to put an anti-gay message on cakes. Now facing a civil rights complaint
    emma watson

  • News – Story 3: Emma Watson shines with gender equality speech and gets cast as Belle in live action “Beauty and the Beast”
  • – as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, she announced a a yearlong initiative HeforShe IMPACT 10x10x10 at the World’s Economic Forum; this is a call for all companies, governments and universities to abolish all inequalities for women; total respect for her on many levels for making this push for equality; and then to land the role of Belle in the live action “Beauty and the Beast”; she has turned into not only a stunning woman, but also a humanitarian spokesperson; I can’t wait to see what else she will accomplish in her career aside from her long-running actress as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series.
    – Link to article: Emma Watson Takes Gender Equity Global & Will Star as Belle in New ‘Beauty and the Beast’

  • RANT: Taking iPhone videos in portrait mode
  • – nothing is more bothersome than watching someone’s video captured on an iPhone in portrait mode, meaning you are looking at a sideways letterbox view because someone couldn’t rotate their phone 90 degrees; While I get being in the moment and capturing a video and not thinking about turning your phone, and I also get that the phone is normally held in portrait mode, it’s not that hard to turn it and take a video that will be viewed by many that don’t have to read between the letterbox lines; I guess it’s an issue for me due to filming and making videos and I like to view what’s being captured for mass consumption; so please, turn the phone before hitting the record button; we all will appreciate it.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Scott Weiland forms new band Art of Anarchy
  • – Scott Weiland forms new band Art of Anarchy; Since his firing from Stone Temple Pilots in Feb 2013, he’s laid pretty low, with the occasional pop up in the media on his future with Velvet Revolver (not much to report here) to a new gig fronting a new band called Art of Anarchy; Along side this new band he’s provided vocals for, he also has a new solo album coming out called “Blaster” with his band, the Wildabouts; they performed this last weekend at Sundance, which I was in the vicinity, but didn’t have the proper credentials to get into the 35 min live performance; The thing with Art of Anarchy is that Scott only provided vocals to Bumblefoot’s guitar work; no live gigs are planned; as for a return to Velvet Revolver, that’s something Scott entertains every so often; and I seriously doubt there will ever be a return to STP; maybe if there’s an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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