but here we are
“But Here We Are” – The 11th studio album by Foo Fighters

After Taylor died in late March 2022, Foo Fighters took a very understandable break from everything. To grieve and mourn their loss. And to regroup. Fast forward to the end of 2022, when they announced they were going to continue as a band. And then they had a studio session with Josh Freese that was so fun to watch [I’ve watched it well over 30 times now] and it made me smile to see and hear the band performing again, including new songs from the new album.

Track Listing

  1. “Rescued”
  2. “Under You”
  3. “Hearing Voices”
  4. “But Here We Are”
  5. “The Glass”
  6. “Nothing at All”
  7. “Show Me How”
  8. “Beyond Me”
  9. “The Teacher”
  10. “Rest”

Grieving and Rocking

While Josh Freese is the new drummer, Dave played drums on all 10 tracks. This album is all about grieving the loss of Taylor. But in a rocking form. Each song tells a story and the songs really take their rock sound to a solid level.

I wouldn’t be honest here if I didn’t mention the last two songs. Over 15 mins between “The Teacher” and “Rest” and I tear up each time I listen. On my most recent trip to Austin TX, I listened to the album and had to pull a couple of tissues from my personal bag during the last two songs.

The other 8 songs are so great. Pick any of them and you enjoy listening to each one. “The Glass” is the most toned-down and somber. “Under You” is the most rocking Foo sounding song with that familiar construction found on other albums.

Where does this album fall into the studio catalog? It is easily in the top 3 for me. And may sneak into the top 2. And for sure, it will be on my Top Albums of 2023 list at the end of this year.