Sold this iMac on eBay

The above pictured iMac G4 has been sitting around for a couple of years now, maybe longer. I lost track of how long I’ve had this. It was most recently at my previous job in a storage room, but when I quit, I had to bring it home. My wife didn’t want it sitting around, adding to the many other items I have in my office. I wasn’t using it, even though I wouldn’t mind keeping it. I just don’t have the room anymore. And since it was given to me to sell, I finally took some pics and sold it on eBay for $65 plus shipping.

imac ebay box
The iMac is in that box

I couldn’t find a box big enough to properly hold it, so I had to use 4 different boxes to build one that I could pack all sorts of bubble wrap and other packing material to secure it as best as I could. It took me almost two hours to make that box. I decided not to take photos of the box making progress. It wasn’t pretty or clever, by any definition of the word.

But in the end, I made a sturdy box and got it shipped off. Less than $19 to ship, too.

I have other items to sell, and other eBay selling stories. One that includes video. For another post on another day.