Je Suis Charlie :

  • – thank you to all of my listeners for your patience while I play catchup still.
  • – I think I needed a month in 2015 for change to take hold.
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  • News – Story 1: The Charlie Hebdo aftermath
  • – It’s been more than a month since the aftermath in France; still hard to believe it happened; and over a magazine that publishes satirical articles and cartoons; we’ve seen this before back in 2007 when a teacher named a stuffed bear Muhammad; mocking of religious beliefs has happened thousands of times over the year; good hell, the animated show Family Guy has Jesus as a regular guest; but now the result of the retaliation and the death of 12; it just doesn’t make sense on any level that a group of extremists are offended that much to the point of planning to kill editors and cartoonists; it’s all about fear and control; and now that level of fear has taken a fatal turn; my hearts are with those who lost loved ones.
    – Link to article: French forces kill newspaper attack suspects, hostages die in second siege
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  • News – Story 2: Mike Huckabee slams Obamas as parents for allowing their daughters to listen to Beyonce
  • – the former Arkansas governor and recently-departed Fox News host is commending the lyrics in the Grammy-winning singers songs; if you haven’t guessed, he’s also a former preacher who’s hell bent on defining what’s moral; while he slammed the Obamas for letting their daughter’s listen to Beyonce, the hypocrite in him came out in the form of performing “Cat Scratch Fever” with Ted Nugent; so take down Beyonce while performing a song about VD; of course, Mr. Fuckabee (as one Fox News Channel host mistakenly addressed him as) says “that’s an adult song”; um, when I was 14, I listened to that song non stop; so let’s stop blaming the Obamas and start looking at your own hypocrisy.
    – Link to article: Huckabee Addresses Beyoncé Comments: Obamas Are ‘Great Parents,’ But…

  • News – Story 3: Oscar Nominations for 2015 announced
  • – “Birdman” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel” each garnered 9 nominations; J.K. Simmons, a long time actor in many TV shows and movies, gets a Best Supporting Actor nomination for “Whiplash”; “Boyhood”, which took the Grand Jury prize at Sundance 2014, gets a Best Picture nod, along with Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke for their roles in the independent movie directed by Richard Linklater; my favorite category of Best Original Screenplay has Wes Anderson and Richard Linklater getting nominations; getting the big snub is “The LEGO Movie” for barely getting a nomination for best song “Everything Is Awesome” but nothing in animated movie; I’ve been slacking this year and haven’t hardly seen any of the nominated movies; trying to fix that in the days and few weeks leading up to Oscar award night, which is Feb 22nd; can’t wait to see who wins.
    – Link to article:
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  • RANT: Frozen Ride opening up in place of Maelstrom ride in Epcot
  • – Back in July 1988, they opened the ride in the Norway pavilion as a history lesson for the country; the ride used a boat, similar to Pirates ride and had a couple of drops in the process of viewing vikings and other Norwegian history; in October 2014, they closed the ride in preparation of tearing it apart to build a “Frozen” themed ride; I understand that Disney changes over the years, but it just seems to be a bit over the top to have a Frozen themed ride on top of everything else that is marketed as Frozen; Maybe the ride, once it’s done in 2016, will blow us away; or maybe by 2016, people will forget Frozen and stop signing “Let It Go”; or Frozen 2 will be in theaters and re-ignite the entire theme with a new song “Please Just Stop It”
    – Link to article: Frozen Is Taking Over Epcot!
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  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Jennifer Aniston can’t keep her hands off Kate Hudson’s bum
  • – This happened at the Golden Globe awards while being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest; Kate Hudson was in this skin tight white dress, Jennifer walked up to her and touched her bum, more like patted it a couple of times; shows how the stars like to have fun and be playful; nothing really sexual about this; I’ve been a Kate Hudson fan since her role as Penny Lane in “Almost Famous”; she’s had some mixed roles over the years, but still looks amazing; fun times with the Friends gal and brilliantly caught on camera for us viewers to enjoy.
    – Video:

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