Weezer Hurley
You smiling at me?

I’ve been a long time Weezer fan, all the way back to their debut album [also known as the Blue Album] released in 1994. Songs like “Buddy Holly” “Say It Ain’t So” and “My Name Is Jonas” all stuck to me like glue. Sure, it was quirky and maybe a bit out of my age range, but I enjoyed their sound.

Every other album seemed to have those nuggets of greatness and even entire albums – like 2005’s “Make Believe” and 2001’s “Weezer (Green Album)“- delivered that quirky sound I came to love. In fact, I tend to play the aforementioned albums from start to finish a lot. Who can’t listen to a cool song like “Island In The Sun” or “We are All On Drugs” without bopping your head and tapping your toe? [you can’t? then comment away below]

2009’s “Raitiude” didn’t do much for me. It seemed like it was rushed and didn’t have that cool sound I’ve grown to like. Thankfully, they issued this year’s “Hurley”, which for me, was a return to greatness. Yes, I tired of hearing the first single “Memories”, but other tracks like “Ruling Me”, “Unspoken” and “Hang On” all exceeded my expectations. Rivers Cuomo, that odd-like creature who leads this band, came through for this long time fan.

Have you heard the new album? Are you a Weezer fan? Speak to me.