amsterdam 2017
the front of Anne Frank House

Day Two in Amsterdam started off with a visit to the Anne Frank House. We ordered tickets online two months in advance as we had read that it was the best way to ensure we had tickets. And we were glad we did. It was busy with people that were waiting in line for their start time. The experience was great, very detailed in how much history was documented and the photos that were saved. There were no photos allowed inside the venue, so it’s all what I saw and what stayed in my head. If you visit Amsterdam, this is a must visit. If you don’t have the advance time to purchase tickets, there is a line you can wait in after 3:30pm for same day entry. Warning: the line is long and entrance is not guaranteed.

amsterdam 2017
The canals were everywhere

My wife and I have a friend that lives in Germany. She lived in the states for more than 20 years and I’ve known her for 21 years now. We shared our travel plans with Karen and she was able to join us in Amsterdam for the almost 3 days we were there. So all 3 of us found our way around the city, took the tram to and from our hotel [she was staying in the same hotel that I mentioned in my previous post] and bought canal boat passes to explore the water ways of this great city.

I was quite impressed with the layout of how all the canals connected with one another and how much business and residential places are lined up all along the canals.

amsterdam 2017
Reba and Karen together while waiting for a canal boat

My wife and I were glad that Karen could join us. Look at the smiles on their faces above.

Dutch Bitch

amsterdam 2017
Yvonne and myself, meeting in person for the first time

Back some 10 years ago when I started following blogs like Dave2 and Kapgar, I also found a blog called Dutch Bitch, which sadly is no longer a blog. But the fine woman who ran that blog was someone I never met. Until today.

amsterdam 2017
The group photo of our meetup

She brought her awesome boyfriend Steven and we had Karen join us and it was a great meetup. We shared stories from the blogger days and got caught up on the ins and out of the city. So happy to have finally met Yvonne in person.

Board The Ship and Visit Delft Tomorrow

Tomorrow, we board the Viking River Cruise ship and start our Rhine, Main and Danube river voyage for 14 days.

Also, our plans to visit the city of Delft, which is an hour outside Amsterdam.