griffin iphone 5 case
Yellowing iPhone case

Back last September, I upgraded to the iPhone 5s. And as with previous iPhones, I wanted a case to cover and protect it from scratches and accidental drops. I had a white bumper case that I used with my iPhone 4s and I wanted to find something similar to it. Turns out, Apple didn’t make bumper cases for the iPhone 5 and 5s. Bummer.

So I expanded my options and looked at different types of cases. And since the shape and port locations are identical for both the iPhone 5 and the 5s, I was able to pick up a white Griffin case made for the iPhone 5 that fit my brand new iPhone 5s.

griffin iphone 4 case
Yellowing on all sides of the case

But after just a few weeks of normal use – holding the phone and taking it in and out of my pocket multiple times a day, the case lost it’s bright white color and started to yellow around the sides. I determined this is due to sweat from my hands and any dust or dirt that the case collects from being placed on various surfaces.

I washed the case several times, using just water the first time and a light soap the other times and still, the case remained yellowed. I was very disappointed as I really liked the case and the protection it offered. But since there was no way to return the color to it’s original white, I decided to look for a different case for my phone.

Another Brand

belkin iphone 5 case
Black Is Back

In my search for another white case to replace the dingy Griffin one, I saw that Belkin made something similar called a View Case, which covers the sides – bumper style – and also protects the back of the phone. But I wasn’t finding the white case in stock anywhere – local or online. But I did find a black version of the case and bought it.

belkin iphone 5 case
Black bumper and a clear back – the perfect combo

The coverage of the case for the phone is very good and I liked the feel of the case in my hand, as it’s not a glossy but matte color and grips just enough to make your phone feel secure without the fear of dropping it. And no yellowing or discolored wear. Which, yes black doesn’t tend to do that anyway, but I was happy none the less.

I quickly adjusted to the black case and never pursued looking for the white color. And now 9 months later, this case is still flawless in it’s look and feel. Sorry Griffin, but Belkin made a better case for the iPhone 5s.