The rest of the blogging community has their official Sunday posts. Dave2 has “Bullet Sunday” … Hilly has “Snackie Sunday” … so in order not to feel left out of this week-ending post, I needed to have an official Sunday post. And since the weather is starting to turn nice and I love to get out and ride my Honda Metro as much as I can, I decided to officially tag my Sunday posts as Scooter Sunday.

another day to ride

Today’s ride was a morning ride. It hadn’t reached the high of 65 yet, so in order not to freeze too much, I threw on my blue windbreaker and rode over Virg’s, a local eatery that serves an awesome array of breakfast choices, even though my “creature of habit” selection of biscuits and gravy is what I normally order.

After breakfast, I came back home and decided to not waste anymore of the day. I parked my scooter, went into the house, grabbed my golf clubs and headed down the road to Murray City Golf Course to hit a couple buckets of balls. I wanted to get out and golf before now, but between the shitty-ass coldness we’ve had here, plus working when it was nice, it just hadn’t happened yet.

Stiffness Sets In

Since this was my first golf outing for this year, I didn’t have much time to stretch out and get limber. Which means that I’m going to feel all that unprepared swinging later on tonight. Next weekend, I’m planning to get out for at least nine holes (and will have pictures as well).

Little Scooter Envy

Before I called it a day, I got my scooter back out for another ride down the road. My fiance’s grand daughter has been wanting to ride, but since we don’t have a helmet for her, we only let her sit on the scooter in the yard. So I give you Ayla, a future scooter rider:

Ayla loves the scooter