** RING ** ** RING ** …. “Hello?, yes this is Scooter Sunday, who’s this? The sun? About damn time!” ** CLICK**

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Name The Scooter Finalists

The voting for Name The Scooter has ended. I am happy to announce the top three names:

  • Third Place: Bombay Sapphire [submitted by DutchBitch]
  • Second Place: Chilly’s Filly [submitted by Beth]
  • First Place: ScUtah [submitted by Penelope]

Congrats to the final three submitters: You win a Scooter Sunday t-shirt [I will contact each of you on how to claim your prize.

There were some great names submitted for this contest. Sorry to the males that entered. I guess the woman picked the names popular with the voters.

Now the hard part. Picking judges. I have picked one judge so far, but need two more. If your name was not picked as one of the top three names and you would like to be a judge AND you can be impartial in picking a name, let me know in the comments or send me an email. There’s a prize in it for you. Of course, all three judges have to pick a majority winner in order to pick the final name.

No Scooter Sunday Next Week

Here in the states it’s Memorial Day weekend. I will be taking the weekend off, which means no Scooter Sunday next week. I’ll be back on May 31st with an all new episode.