Penguins Invade Avitaween
Penguins Invade Avitaween! – photo by Bellaventa

Crash landed – photo by renagerie

Avitaween is one of the premier annual blogging events [the other one I’ve been to is TequilaCon] and this was my first time attending.

As you can see from the first photos, my wife and I attended this event as penguins. Think “March Of The Penguins” with alcohol and other invaders.

Reba Penguin
“I don’t need a fish.. I need a drink” – photo by renagerie

Marty Penguin
“Beam Me Up, Mindy” – photo by renagerie

The party was a huge success, with Adam doing so much to put it all together. I can’t thank him enough for the great job and massive effort he went through. Also, there were so many cool people there – some of which I hadn’t met before. I’ve previously posted a photo of meeting Hilly for the first time, but I also got to meet Becky – hellohahanarf. Becky and I have been wanting to meet for some time. And we finally did.

Becky and Marty
Look at how happy we are now that we’ve met.. well, we’ve both had alcohol, too

And of course, I got to meet up with Dave from Blogography again. Always a pleasure to meet up with the King of the PRB.

Marty the penguin and Dave the King
King.. meet Penguin.

The Best of the Rest

Adam also had a wall of photos of people’s vacation photos with “reported sightings” This is the one I sent in of Reba and I at Rockefeller Center in NYC.

Invaded vacation photo
Who knew that the aliens had invaded NYC. Never seen that before

Click here to view the Alien Sighting photo set.

And for those that want to see all photos, here’s the entire Flickr photo stream for Avitaween ’09

Can’t wait for next year.


Avitaween studio photo
Always dapper and ready for a photo op in the studio

As Adam pointed out in the comments, there were studio photos that were taken during the Avitaween party. Here’s the link to the entire set of studio photos.