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News – Story: WSexual assault allegations, accusations and admissions are rampant and are pretty much affecting just about anyone in politics and the entertainment industry; at what point do we know who’s done what and when can we expect the biggest and most powerful sexual assaulter – President Donald J Trump – to finally get properly taken down?

  • RANT: People that use their work email for everything personal
  • – How long has email been around? Many years; How long has free email accounts been around? many years as well; so you would think that with a free email account widely available – Gmail, Yahoo, (formerly Hotmail) and so many others, that creating a free account for all of your personal emails wouldn’t be an issue, right?; guess again; I know at least 20 people in my life that only use their work email for everything, including their banking, sending emails to family, jokes, memes, social media authentication; all of that contained inside the email account that is related to the jobs they perform; memo from the boss on your meeting notes sits next to an email from your mom asking about what time dinner is on Sunday; why does this bother me? well, if you ask yourself that what happens when you switch jobs; all of those personal emails remain on the email account when you quit, including the ones that are related to job hunting sites to help you find the next job; most likely deleted in the following weeks after you’ve quit; if you have a Gmail account, you get to keep that account after you quit and move on to another job; plus, many companies have policies in place for accessing non-work related content; having your personal emails is non-work related; I’ve heard the argument about “I don’t need another email account” or “I don’t know how to setup and access a Gmail account”; please, just stop with this; if you are that limited in your computer skills, you might want to consider a job that doesn’t require any computer skills; so just do yourself a favor and create that free account and update your email address on all of your personal things with it; you will thank me when you want those emails from your mom a year after you quit your current job.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: I like to travel a lot
  • – this year, I visited Europe for the first time (still working on blog posts for that 18 days trip), went to Cabo San Lucas again in October and went to Austin TX to celebrate a friend’s 50th birthday; yes, travel is not cheap and it adds to my debt, but both my wife and I try to find the most reasonable ways to traveling; Europe was a Viking River Cruise starting in Amsterdam and ending in Budapest; Cabo San Lucas was a use it or lose it week we took, staying at our time share at Playa Grande; and Austin was a quick 4 days – an extended weekend if you will, where we stayed at my friend’s house; Over the years, we have built some amazing memories of places that I’ve been before and many others where it was my first time visiting; I hope to keep doing this for many years and seeing more and more places and building more memories.

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