Kurt and Layne
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Today – April 5, 2021 – it has been 27 years since Kurt Cobain and 19 years since Layne Staley left this world by tragic means. Kurt to a self-inflicted gun shot and Layne to an overdose of heroin and cocaine.

Both Nirvana and Alice In Chains were extremely popular bands and their rise to fame took a massive toll on their respective lead singers. Kurt didn’t like fame and shunned it and talked down about it every change he could get. Layne enjoyed the fame to a degree, but ended up being a recluse that gave him too much time to further his drug addiction.

We remember both of these singers on this day. Their tragic loss all of these years later is sad, but we have their collective catalogs of music to remind us what talent they were and the incredible place in music history they are in to never forget them.

Here are a couple of performances from each bands’ MTV Unplugged performances.