Illegal Status :

  • – And now for the illegal side of things, which is sometimes the same as discussing what should be legal
  • – Getting it all together, one episode at a time. the prep time is what takes the longest.
  • News – Story 1: Dept of Justice releases report on racial bias and police overreach in Ferguson, MO
  • – the list is long and full of outright violations that got overlooked; from over-reliance on fines and fees to tasing a woman for not removing bracelets to using police dogs to bite nonviolent civilians; it’s all shameful on so many levels; let’s say you have a mental imparity that has you come across as suspicions, even removing your clothes; odd, yes, but the need for violent force to be used? We expect more from our police forces; they are there to protect and serve and we are seeing so much in the opposite; the use force for just about any crime is out of control; this doesn’t mean all cops are reckless and use the law to their advantage; of course there are good cops who know the rules and use proper judgment in the public; but for those who like Ferguson has had to deal with, it certainly shows there is a lot of changes that need to be made for those who wear the badge and abuse it’s authority.
    – Link to article: 8 horrifying revelations in the Justice Department’s Ferguson report

  • News – Story 2: Bloody Sunday – Selma, Alabama 50 years later
  • – on March 7, 1965, there was a march across the Edmund Pettis Bridge in Selma, AL, with thousands showing they were tired of being racially abused; so many lives were disrupted that day as the marchers made their way from Montgomery, AL; fast forward 50 years and there was a day of remembrance, complete with President Barak Obama joining marchers across that bridge and with words of wisdom and insight after reaching the other side; racism has left a dark and ugly history on this country and it’s still going on in various towns and communities; people think that the Civil Rights act of 1964 and the interracial marriage decision by the Supreme Court in 1967 left racism behind; oh how we wish that were the case; instead we are fighting the same prejudices and the same discriminations with so many of our countries citizens; remembering what happened should have left that in the past; instead, we are using what happened in Selma to still educate current people today exercising the same bigoted treatment to stop their ways and move forward towards equal treatment of all.
    – Link to article: Selma 50 Years Later

  • News – Story 3: Oregon passes automatic voter registration into law
  • – Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed in this legislation that uses state Motor Vehicle data to automatically register anyone of eligible age to vote; there is a 21 day opt out period for those that do not wish to be automatically registered; the goal is to not lose the right to vote, which we are seeing many Voter ID laws and other restrictive measures trying to be enacted that discourage voting or change voting districts or forcing those who are older or less mobile to prove who they are, all under the guise of making sure there’s no “illegal voting” going on; and yes, there are cases, but it’s very minimal and can be easily addressed without have to enact new laws; funny how those against big gov’t that are trying to stop voter fraud don’t have an issue focusing on the less than 1% of legitimate fraud; every state should have this law, including the opt out; a respect for the right to vote with all that disenfranchise B.S.
    – Link to article: Oregon Governor Signs Sweeping Automatic Voter Registration Into Law
    Daylight Saving

  • RANT: Daylight Saving Time needs to just go away
  • – If you reside in Hawaii or Arizona, this rant is not for you; you enjoy not having to reset your clocks twice a year; yes, most modern electronics will set the clock automatically on the second Sunday of March to the first Sunday in November; but it’s still a disruption on your sleep, on your work, getting used to lighter times at night, darker times in the morning; the Earth shift eventually works out the balance of daylight and nighttime; but it’s just nonsense and not needed anymore; most thought it was about the farmers; but the video posted on the show notes says otherwise; it was all about energy saving; today, in our 24 hour world, this is just not workable; we work 24 hours a day; servers need to be on 24 hours a day; people need to manage businesses and other infrastructures, regardless of how light or dark it is outside. Let’s get more states to get rid of DST; or better yet, make it federal and every state will benefit from the permanent change.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Planet Fitness supports transgender member
  • – a woman who goes to the Planet Fitness location in Midland, MI, complained that a male was in the women’s locker room; the woman continued to complain, even though the gym’s policy of “No Judgement Zone” allowed the transgender member to use the locker room their gender they most self-identity with; the woman wouldn’t give up and this gym location cancelled her membership due to her being overly judgmental; I applaud Planet Fitness for this action; while I can understand a difference of opinion, this woman went too far; deal with the fact that there are those who are different than you are; I can’t imagine her complaints if a hermaphrodite were coming into the women’s locker room; people just need to stop judging others, regardless of their looks; it’s called progress.
    – Link to article: Planet Fitness revokes gym membership, supports transgender member

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