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News – Story 1: Alabama’s Political Mess
News – Story 2: TSA Struggles with longer lines at security check points
News – Story 3: Yellowstone Bison calf euthanized after visitors tried to rescue it in their SUV

  • RANT: Religious Freedom Redefined
  • – another rant covering the topic of religious freedom and religious liberty and how their definitions have been hijacked by those who aim to discriminate against others.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Love working downtown
  • – since February of 2015, I’ve been working in downtown Salt Lake City and love it; the last time I worked downtown was back in 2000 and 2001 for about 18 months; I like walking to lunch, taking walks to go get coffee; parking isn’t all that easy or cheap (I pay $52 a month for an open parking lot random first-come spot each day) but there’s plenty of free parking on some the residential streets; my daughter lives downtown and it’s nice to hang out with her after we both get off work; there’s a good number of bars within a 5 block radius that I can bar hop to on a regular basis; public transportation in the form of Trax light rail is nice as parts of it are free to ride, cutting back on some of the walking I do; I hope whatever job I have, this one or another future job keeps me downtown; it’s a great perk that I enjoy.

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  • Chief justice’s suspension adds to Alabama’s political mess
  • TSA struggles with balancing speed and security at airport checkpoints
  • Yellowstone Bison Calf Euthanized After Visitors Reportedly Tried to Rescue It Because It Looked Cold