Episode 032

– Sad, Glad and Dirty :

  • – Got off track with the podcast schedule the last several weeks; traveling can do that; trying to get back to a regular schedule the next couple of episodes.
  • – working on other schedule changes in my life; trying to refocus my efforts to be more productive, as well as regain the passion I had for creative works.
  • News – Story 1: Robin Williams, comic, actor, dies at 63
  • – this was a major shock to hear last week; at first, I thought it was a hoax like some celebrity deaths have been reported on by trolls; nope, it was true when I read the statement from both his wife and publicist; damn shame to lose such a brilliant comedian and actor; comedy wise, his “A Night At The Met” album was comedy gold; acting wise, he come onto the scene as Mork from Ork in “Happy Days” and then landing the spin off show “Mork and Mindy”; movie wise, he had so many roles in so many films; “World According to Garp”, “The Fisher King” and my all time favorite “Good Will Hunting” which he won a best supporting Oscar for his role as a college professor and counselor; his suicide will leave many fans to ask “why?” for a man that brought laughter to many, he couldn’t use that same healing power to help himself; depression rears it’s ugly head again in a loss we will mourn each time we hear his jokes, listen to his comedy bits and quote his lines from the movies he starred in; RIP Robin.
    – Link to article: Robin Williams, Oscar-Winning Comedian, Dies at 63 in Suspected Suicide

  • News – Story 2: Foo Fighters release details of 8th album “Sonic Highways”
  • – recorded in 8 different cities, each track on the album will tell a story – a love letter to American music; Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Seattle and Washington DC; produced by the legendary Butch Vig, it’s another notch in their successful belt and history of making great rock and roll; The album comes out Nov 8th, but there is a pre-cursor to it in the form of a mini-series on HBO with the same name – Sonic Highways; this series will show the making of the album in each of the cities; Dave Grohl keeps reinventing himself over the years and this long time fan will keep watching and listening to each new creation he comes up with.
    – Link to article: Foo Fighters Name New Album ‘Sonic Highways,’ Reveal Track List
    dirty bird logo

  • News – Story 3: Dirty Bird Chicken in UK has a very phallic logo
  • – a food truck based in the Cardiff area, has been operating for the last few months; shocked parents see the logo and are appalled; with sales phrases like “Touch my breasts” they are obviously riding this double entendre; some customers don’t mind; the logo is made up by using the lower case ‘d’ and ‘b’ along with the neck of the chicken; it’s all placed to give it that phallic look; they say it wasn’t the intention to make it look bad, but it’s obvious they are not shying away from the theme; something like this would never fly here in the US; there would be much more of an outrage by all of the ultra religious types.
    – Link to article: Does this chicken shop’s logo look like a penis?

  • RANT: Anonymous Internet Trolls
  • – Zelda Williams, Robin Williams daughter, leaving social media due to infectious trolls posting hateful crap on her Twitter account; so Robin’s daughter, 25, had just lost her father; she took to the social media to share her pain and sadness; leave it up to a couple of trolls to send her hateful tweets and distract her thoughts; trying to manage it all, she decided to take a break from Twitter and mourn in private; Trolls that do this are the lowest form of humanity.. almost as low as dumping a dirty diaper in a public parking lot; their lack of self worth has them putting down other people in some type of lame effort to lift themselves up; they seem to take over many areas of the web lately with negative crap in comment sections on tech blogs and just every everywhere else; Twitter and other platforms need to make some efforts to help in their removal; while like spam they will always be there, but there can be efforts taken to help reduce their presence.
    Link to article: Robin Williams’ daughter leaves social media after receiving abuse

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Day job traveling for the first time in over 11 years
  • – I’ve been at the company I work at for over 11 years now (I left in Oct 2007 to go work for another company for more money, but came back 3 months later – being on contract to this current company during those 3 months) and have never once traveled; until now; going to cover a co-worker while he is on vacation; Those of you that follow me on Twitter and other blog posts know that I’ve been applying for work elsewhere; I admit this did add a bit of positive to my job; doesn’t change the fact that I need more challenges, but at least I can say I have traveled once for the company; going to our office in Ft Myers, FL; we have a total of 3 offices; the other in in The Netherlands; fat chance I would get to go there. Grateful, but did it have to take 11 years for it to happen?

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