mom 2002
My mom in September 2002

It’s hard to believe that my mom, who died in April 2006, if she were still alive today, would have turned 100.

Not that much to say at this point in time. It’s been almost 17 years since she passed away. But this milestone of time. Even though she is is not alive to realize it. I am still alive at age 59 to see this time arrive. It’s a bit on the surreal side of things. I am sure if she were still alive, I would be celebrating in real time, this century of life with at least a phone call, but I am sure there would be a visit and some type of celebration of living to be a centurion.

But alas, I am not. But for this post, I do celebrate the 83 years of life she had on this earth before melanoma took her 16 years before she could have reached 100. And it’s the memory of the 42 years I was able to spend with her, with the majority of the first 24 that I lived at home and the other 18 years when I was on my own, with visits, dinners, holidays and being there with her during her last few years of having cancer treatments.

I had a few posts I have done over the years since my mom passed away. This is one at 11 years gone from 2017.

And this one is at 10 years gone from 2016.

Happy 100th birthday mom. You are missed.