7-eleven day 2012
it’s 7-Eleven Day for 2012

From 11am to 7pm today, you can get a free 7.11 oz size Slurpee. But head in early since most locations run out of cups to serve these free Slurpees. Check out the official page for all of the deals and details for today’s celebration.


7-Eleven day 2011
this was the logo from 2011

I’ve been doing this for several years now, first blogging about it last year over at Chillywilly.org. I get excited for this day not just because you get a free Slurpee, but it’s just a cool thing – 7/11… July 11th…. 7-Eleven… a geek thing.

7-11 cup 2011
Last year’s free Slurpee cup

tiffany 7-11 slurpee
my daughter Tiffany enjoying a free Slurpee from 2011


7-11 slurpee free cup
This year’s free cup

I mixed a pina colada and a blue raspberry. So good, cold and refreshing.

7-11 cup marty
Being all bad ass, drinking my free Slurpee

And that’s all she wrote for this year. Can’t wait for 2013.