May the Fourth (episode) Be With You. Listen above.

Episode 004

  • Title: Locals Only
  • recording this on Sunday again. Intended to record this on Thursday night; Life gets way too busy sometimes. Another attempt this week to make the Thursdays record and Friday post happen
  • thanks for the feedback left so far
  • News – Story 1: Sundance panel on Failure
  • – Robert Redford and failure; Sundance on Main St. didn’t make Philip Seymour Hoffman movie “A Most Wanted Man” instead a panel moderated by Sarah Lewis, included Dave Eggers, Jill Soloway and Mr. Redford; life stories about failure and how it was important to experience and move on towards successes.
    – Link to post: Sundance: Exploratory Detours

  • News – Story 2: Gov. Herbert suggests civil unions as option
  • – Civil unions as a compromise; Gov. Gary Herbert doesn’t get it. second class treatment doesn’t work. As I’ve commented on this before, we can’t keep treating others differently when it comes to all things, including marriage; George Takei called Herbert “mean spirited”
    – Link to article: Utah governor open to civil unions

  • News – Story 3: Poor Air Quality
  • – Utah air quality; Salt Lake City worst in the nation this last week; over 4k people showed up to a rally at the Utah State Capital on Saturday; inversion hangs around for days and weeks; how bad does it have to be to top Los Angeles air quality; drive less, make fewer trips in the car; yes, hard to do during winter time when it’s 28 degrees and can’t bike or walk places; another reason I’m glad winter will be over soon.
    – Link to article: Utah clean air rally

  • RANT: Lack of Communication
  • – workers with bosses and co-workers; conference calls at work with 15 people on them and nothing gets accomplished; they go on for 40 mins, no progress; same thing every week for 6 weeks; all over the transfer of files.

  • Shameless Plug: 50,000 Tweets
  • – Winners of 50k tweets contest; hit 50k tweets last week; yes, I tweet a lot, although some that I follow are well past 200k tweets;
    – Link to post: Contest-50k Tweets Giveaway

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