I accepted this challenge of posting one blog post per day. With a 9 day vacation and a holiday thrown in to keep the challenge extra difficult, I have managed to do it, if you count my backdated posts from 1-3 days later. I have prepared most of these posts, and have them in some form of draft state, which I’m going to count.

Some of you might be reading this and asking yourself, “Does he really like blogging anymore?” And the answer is a validated YES. Yes, I love blogging. I have 4 blogs that I enjoy posting, when I post. The challenge of posting each day here on this blog was to get me back in the habit of posting on a regular basis. As there are times when I don’t post for a good week or more. And my 3 other blogs go months without posts.

I hate this. I really do. It weighs on my mind and adds to the multiple levels of frustration that I have in my life. My previous post discussing this subject where I mentioned how overwhelmed I am, is something I am working to overcome. Today’s back to work day didn’t help in my progress.

I am planning on a 24 day posting every day challenge for my Adult Beverages blog starting December 1st, so hopefully I can keep up with that, as well as this place. The other two blogs are still a concern that I will address soon.

Thanks for your patience with me. Only 5 more days to go this month. I will make it thanks to a 4 day weekend where I can manage my distractions and frustrations a little easier.