Las Vegas Strip
Las Vegas Strip – filled with people

Last week, my wife and I went to Las Vegas to celebrate her niece’s 21st birthday. Vegas is a town I’ve spent a lot of time in over the years, mostly to attend trade shows like Comdex and CES. But I’ve also done my share of partying there, too.

papa smurf
Papa Smurf

Walking the strip, there was a ton of people, including those dressed up in various costumes. We saw Batman, Woody and Buzz Lightyear, Michael Jackson and this awesome Papa Smurf.

Hard Rock Cafe
Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip

Of course, a visit to the Hard Rock is always in order. I don’t hold a candle to Dave2 from Blogography for number of visits, but I still consider each location an important stop in my travels.

Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino

One of the newer hotel/casinos on the Strip is the Cosmopolitan. I was very impressed with this place. So elegant inside. Definitely a place I would like to stay at for a few days.

jackpot slot
I hit the jackpot

Of course it helped that I won a jackpot on one of their slot machines. It’s wasn’t huge, but for $103 on a 75 cents bet, I was happy that I won for a change. [not to mention major buzzed from lots of drinks]

Blue Martini
Blue Martini

After walking the strip, we met up with others for dinner at a local mexican eatery. Then all of us headed to the Blue Martini to REALLY celebrate Tonia turning 21.

The official Blue Martini

The signature martini was blue and glowing. It was a bit sweet, even for this liquor maven. I switched to dirty martinis after just one of these.

jaide martini
Jaide, Tonia’s sister, smiling with drink in hand

This bar was large and actually very spread out. It is located in the Town Square shopping area just off the west end of the Strip. The cover band that played was a bit loud, but we made up for it with our own good time of drinking and chatting together.

marty reba
My wife and I at Blue Martini

After a few half priced happy hour drinks, we were buzzed and happy.

Tonia shot
Tonia doing birthday shot with waitress

Tonia did a birthday shot with the waitress and manager [they actually bought her shot AND did a shot with her… unheard of in Utah] – the shot was a Washington Apple, which is Crown Royal and cranberry juice – Yummy!

Excalibur Hotel and Casino

After drinking, we got a ride back to the Excalibur. This was Tonia’s first time gambling, which was so much fun watching someone play the slots for the first time. My wife, who is an expert at the slot machines, taught her niece how to play.

tonia gambling
Tonia putting money into the machine

tonia gambling
Being slot instructed by Reba

tonia gambling
Pressing the button, placing her bet

tonia gambling
“Did I win or lose?”

After a fun night in Vegas, we got up the next morning to head into California to visit LEGOLand. Stay tuned for the next post, which covers my first visit to this LEGO-themed theme park.