Goodreads 2021 Challenge – April 2021 update

I read 1 book in May. I am still in the process of finishing 4 books. I was really wanting to get 3 books read in May. It was an challenging month of distractions and various other blockers. There will be a future blog post with as many details as I can reasonably share on those distractions and blockers.

June awaits. 7 more months to go in 2021. There are positive plans to read.

Joy at Work: Organizing Your Professional Life

by Marie Kondō and Scott Sonenshein

While this book has a focus on working in an office, the principles and objectives as well as exercises can be applied to those of us that work from home. And most don’t have jobs that provide joy. You have to find it and look for the joy. A good read for those who really want to find that work life balance.