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  • – It’s 2015; hoping for a safe and Happy New Year. This was planned to post before the end of 2014, but things got delayed a few days.
  • – In Vegas for the CES show for a few days this week. There will be an episode with my coverage of CES.
  • News – Story 1: 2 Year Old Child shoots, kills mother with handgun from her purse
  • – This happened at a Wal-Mart in Idaho; very tragic; considering the mother had a consealed weapons permit, which meant the gun was legal, it appears to have been loaded and chambered; this was immediately ruled as an accident; hard to blame a dead woman in this case, although a 2 year old that knew how to get a gun from the mother’s purse and able to cock it and shoot it is cause for concern; and to already have a bullet loaded; kids get into their mother’s purses and handbags all the time for gum or candy; again thinking about the power of the gun going off and how a 2 year old can handle that; I’m sad for this child losing her mother; perhaps other family members will help raise the child; hopfully not around guns; this is where the pro gun people go silent, as they can’t have something like this happen and blemish their support for more guns; just sad all the way around.
    – Link to article: Mom Shot, Killed By 2-Year-Old Son at Walmart

  • News – Story 2: Play-Doh upsets parents over penis-shaped toy
  • – there is a set of Play-Doh called Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain Playset that contains a plastic tool that acts as a tool to put icing on a cake; what it really looks like is a penis; seriously, you don’t have to do any sort of out-of-the-box thinking on this one; the most innocent of people will see this as a penis or dildo right away; guess no one in QA at the Hasbro-owned company even gave this one a second look and gave it the OK stamp of approval; the company has responded and they are preparing an updated tool; not sure who the tool is here that needs updating.
    – Link to article: Parents upset over penis-shaped Play-Doh toy

  • News – Story 3: AirAsia Flight 8501 jet crashed off Java Sea, located via sonar
  • – Another plane has gone down, but as I write this, they are finding bodies and parts of the airplane; this is just sad news to see this happen and with the other two flights that we lost in 2014; at least there is some type of closure for those that lost lives of loved ones; these lost and crashed flights are devastating to many; makes me wonder what is going on in this region to have these planes go down a lot; be it weather or something entirely different that affects the flight pattern; Yes, one of the more recent planes flew over Ukraine during their time of war; given these tragedies, it seems these flights should take extra measures of caution.
    – Link to article: AirAsia Flight 8501: Searchers Find 4 Large Pieces of Jet Plane

  • RANT: Users forgetting passwords or login names
  • – one of the things I deal with regularly is people that forget their passwords; and it’s such a common thing; granted, I know if you have tens of hundreds of logins to remember, this can be quite the chore to remember all of these passwords; I use a program called 1Password to keep track of them all; but related to those I deal with on my day job, it seems that even those that barely reset their passwords, the next day… even the next few mins after they reset their login password, they forget it; then I get the phone call asking if I can tell them what they reset their password to; of course I can’t tell them that; I can’t see their password; it amazes me that so many people do not know how to manage their passwords, even if it’s just one or two passwords for the main logins they use at work; it’s very frustrating as I can spend a better part of my day helping many with this task; write it down, use a Post-It note; something, anything; please stop with constantly calling every time you reset your password and can’t remember it; I don’t like this type of job security.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: I rarely get hangovers anymore
  • – I toned it down a lot this year for celebrating New Year’s Eve and when the clock hit midnight; in previous years, I’ve tied many on and had a hard time recovering; but even when I do, I rarely wake up with a hangover; it’s mostly due to the fact that I stick to one type of drink all night like gin or vodka; and a good brand of gin or vodka; I also tend to drink water, although not as much as I should; regardless, if I stick to the clear spirits, I’m good; I can even through in a whiskey or two, but that’s it; just being smart when I drink heavy; for this year, I stuck to a beer or two and a few gin and tonics and I was fine the next morning; Cheers.

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