Random Leakage #8

Let’s all welcome a bouncing new bundle of joyous Random Leakage.

New Baby
River Brandt Evans
“Hey… I’m hungry… and that steak mom had the other day has already come and gone!”

To those of you that follow me on Twitter and Facebook will know that we recently [yesterday] welcomed a new addition to our “extended family” this week. River Brandt Evans, the son of Justin Evans and Betty Brandt came in at 10 pounds, 1 oz… A BIG BOY!

To those of you that assumed it was my child, well… I can forgive your assumed connection, given my excitement in the Twitter and Facebook updates I provided. I now live through other people’s children, which means I can either visit them often or send them home with their parent(s). My daughter is my only child, unless I find myself in Tony Randall mode at the age of 80 and still have some good swimmers left in me…. nope.. NOPE. Not going to happen.

Wendover Will
Wendover Will Welcomes you to spend all your money
– Lifted from Flickr user BentGuy [who lifted it from someone else]

Now that the baby has arrived, we are heading to Wendover this coming weekend… more specifically, West Wendover, NV.

As the above linked Wiki page mentions, Wendover is split into two towns – a Utah side and a Nevada side. On the Utah side, you have 3 gas stations, a few motels and an almost non-existent economy. The Nevada side has 5 casinos, several drinking establishments, a concert hall, a couple of strip clubs and an established flow of money into their economy. Most of that money is coming from Utah residents. It’s about a two-hour drive from Salt Lake, passing by the Bonneville Salt Flats. If you don’t want to drive, there’s a couple of charter bus lines that charge $15 for a round trip ride, netting you a free dinner buffet and $5 cash back. Sweet!

We go about twice a year, normally on a day where we can use our free room coupon at the Wendover Nugget, which is only good on Sunday – Thursday nights [the weekends are premium rates]. Free room means no extra money spent on lodging and a place to stumble walk to if we get tired. My wife and I do a bit of gambling, but we are small timers compared to some that drop hundreds in one night. I like to find a penny or nickel slot machine and get free drinks all night, while my wife likes the quarter machines and coming to find me when she runs out of money.

I normally come back with a couple of $20 bills – sometimes more if I get daring and do well at the roulette table. But anymore than twice a year and it gets old. We much prefer Mesquite, NV since there is more to do there than just gamble and it’s close to a ton of major landmarks and wonderful landscapes. Plus, in the winter time, Wendover is pretty damn cold. It’s not like we are heading south to get warmer. But for 24 hours of fun and only 2 hours away, you can’t beat it. Wish us luck.

All Done

So, a new baby amongst us, sitting in front of a one-arm bandit and lots and lots of links [more than I planned on using]. Another Random Leakage has leaked out.


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