Turkey Moo
Clever Turkeys

Since last year’s post, I really am still thankful for many things in my life, regardless of how much more I would love to accomplish.

  • My daughter, who shares the love of music I do, and not only is an awesome companion for the many concerts we have attended together, but who is a favorite travel partner, as evidenced by our trip to New York City this year.
  • My wife, who puts up with my love of all things tech and geek. And my odd sense of humor. And my many distractions that sometimes take away from deserved attention on her.
  • My job. Yes, the very thing I am wanting to leave and move away from provides me with a regular paycheck and vacation time [I have the next 3 weeks of working only 3 days a week] at the same time providing me with stress, anxiety, zero challenges and mostly unfulfilling responsibilities. Ying with the Yang.
  • My 3rd gen iPad. I gave props to my iPad 2 last year and now with it’s retina screen, I’m able to see thing clearer. I recently added a Bluetooth keyboard which has made this even more useful for writing and managing my email.
  • My creative side. My videos went missing this year, but I still did some filming [behind the scenes] and my fiction writing is moving forward with a trilogy. Also, launching Adult Beverages [which is currently down thanks to the web host I am NOT thankful for] has given me another outlet to exercise that creative side.
  • To those who inspire me. There’s too many to individually list here, but your works, efforts and creations do find their way into my head often when I need that push to get past my distractions.
  • My many online friends, who are patient with my rants and enjoy my postings here and elsewhere on the social web.
  • And finally, to my sister – who I also mentioned in this post last year, who now lives closer to me since she and her husband moved to Idaho this year. Now I need to find a way to get more frequent visits with my brother, too.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the day of food, drink and time with family and friends.