“Life’s What You Make It” by Talk Talk from 1986

Almost 3 years ago, over on chillywilly.org blog, I posted the above video

And then in May of 2017 on this blog, I talked up my love for the band Talk Talk. So I thought it was appropriate to celebrate a Music Monday with a new post in My Favorite Song theme.

Favorite Song

The song came out in 1986 on their album “The Colour of Spring” which actually did quite well in the charts worldwide. This song became a hit single in the US, easily joining the two singles that came before it – “It’s My Life” and “Such a Shame”

I recall this song getting played a lot 32 years ago and it’s no wonder why it’s been a favorite of mine since it’s first release. If you’ve not heard it, listen above and I think it’s one that you will add to your list of favorite songs, too.